Blackout vs Room Darkening vs Light Filtering Shades

By definition, light-filtering shades are made of less opaque fabrics that allow the most amounts of light to filter through, while still offering some level of privacy and UV protection. 


  • Maintains views and allows natural light to enter your space
  • The perfect choice for a room that needs some privacy while still letting in a lot of light
  • Lightweight
  • Darker colors may offer more privacy than lighter colors


  • Provides some UV protection, but not total blackout capabilities
  • Does not insulate as well as other products

These are perfect for family rooms, living rooms, and other communal areas that need a combination of privacy, yet ample natural light. Aztec Sheer shades reduce the use of artificial light and can help mood and mental health by bringing in natural light as well. If the window is open, it can allow the air to flow pleasantly around your house. 

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