What’s the deal with Dual Shades (or zebra shades) ?

Dual Shades have become very popular in the US in the last few years. Here in Tucson we started seeing an interest a couple of years back. Dual Shades work basically like a roller shades; the fabric rolls up into a metal roll most likely covered by a fabric wrapped fascia for a nice finished look. The difference is the fabric is split in two layers, each fabric has bands of fabric one transparent and the other solid. This creates some visibility to the outside when adjusted correctly. Dual Shades can be operated by a cord, chain or motor.


  • Translucent and light-dimming fabrics are blended with a sheer or mesh fabric, providing varying opacity levels depending on fabric choice.
  • When aligned, solid bands ensure privacy; when shifted, the sheer bands allow natural light and diffused views.
  • Innovative, fully enclosed bottomrail allows fabric to slide through smoothly for effortless operation and alignment.
  • Shade disappears inside the headrail when raised for a full outdoor view.


Line up the opaque bands of fabric and you have a view to the outdoors, but the sun has a filter to the indoors, protecting your furnishings. Alternate the bands and your privacy is, well, private.

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