Advantages of Solar Shades

UV protection

Solar shade fabric effectively blocks a significant portion of harmful UV rays, preventing damage to furniture, flooring, and other interior elements over time.

Glare reduction for comfort and productivity

By diffusing and filtering sunlight, solar shades reduce glare on screens and surfaces, creating a more comfortable and conducive space for work or relaxation.

Energy efficiency and cost reduction

Solar shades contribute to energy efficiency by minimizing the impact of solar heat gain. This, in turn, reduces the reliance on air conditioning, leading to potential cost savings on energy bills.

Preserving interior furnishings and decor

The UV protection offered by solar screen shades during the day helps preserve the color and integrity of interior furnishings, preventing fading and extending the lifespan of valuable interior decor. This is just one of the many benefits of solar roller shades!

Design choices and variety

Whether your aesthetic is mid-century modern or farmhouse chic, the type of roller shade you choose can complement your style. Solar shades come in a wide range of styles, materials, and transparency levels, allowing for customization to match the interior design preferences of any space.

When Should I Use Solar Shades?

Because the specially designed fabric can offer some privacyand reduce glare, solar shades are the perfect choice for living rooms and common areas where a balance between natural light, privacy, and the preservation of furniture and decor is important.

When room darkening fabrics are used, Dual Roller/Solar Shades can be a great option in bedrooms to create a comfortable sleeping environment by reducing glare and blocking early morning sunlight. The same is true for media rooms and home theaters where you want to maximize your entertainment. 

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